Hillary to Progressives: Fuck You!

Armory of the Revolution

fuck youDebbie Wasserman Schultz was not the problem with the Democratic National Committee, Hillary Clinton was. Throwing her under the bus doesn’t change a thing. The Democratic party is corrupt, and that corruption comes from Hillary Clinton and her Wall Street acolytes.

As the leaked DNC emails prove, the party machine stole the nomination from Bernie Sanders.

Bernie may forgive Hillary, but Bernie’s supporters will not.

Just a couple of weeks ago, Hillary bragged that the Sanders campaign had not forced her to change her positions on anything.

Then the stacked Democratic platform committee and refused to adopt an anti-TPP plank.

Now Hillary has selected Tim Kaine as her running mate. A pro-life, pro-TPP, Wall Street shill.

There is nothing here for progressives to be enthused about, much less support.

Hillary has, in effect, told progressives to Go Fuck Themselves.

Not surprisingly, progressives are returning the sentiment.

Berners are flocking to…

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