Speciesism and Mental Masturbation

Armory of the Revolution

speciesismSpeciesism is the most evil concept ever concocted by humans. It is racism on steroids. It is the justification for all cruelty to animals. It is the excuse for the most obscene atrocities. It is the belief that humans are superior to all other life.

Given the depravity and evilness of the concept, one would expect those who eschew and oppose speciesism to be beacons of light in the world, shining examples of reason and empathy, the moral compass of the animal movement and a fixed point of ethics in the shifting sands of pragmatism and situational morality.

While I consider myself to be one of those, I find precious few others who I would describe as anti-speciesists that are even close to such a model. Those who identify themselves as anti-speciesists I have found to be fascists of political correctness, who equate any criticisms of barbarism as racism and…

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