Howard Jarvis and Me

Armory of the Revolution

jarvisjerry_r620x349I met Howard Jarvis for the first time in 1976. He had tried to qualify a real estate tax limitation initiative constitutional amendment to the California ballot. He had failed to gain enough signatures to qualify.

Jarvis was generally perceived as a political gadfly. He was a frequent attendee of Los Angeles City Council meetings and testified frequently on tax matters and ordinances under consideration. At the time, I was a Los Angeles City Commissioner in Mayor Tom Bradley’s administration. On the occasion Howard and I met I was running George Wallace’s presidential campaigns in states west of the Mississippi. We commiserated on the rather steep climbs we each faced and shared political war stories of past efforts and involvements.

Howard described being an Eisenhower delegate to the 1952 Republican convention, how he was a “jack” Mormon (one who is considered to be “backslidden” by members of the Church of…

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