If You Support Hillary, We are Not Friends.

Armory of the Revolution

hilldawg21I am always sorry to lose Facebook friends. Having open channels of communication with kindred spirits would seem to be an effective way to influence people and to stay connected and involved with one another. Given that most, if not all, of my Facebook friends are people who expressed an interest in animals and my advocacy for animals, every one one of my Facebook friends has been extremely important to me.

And they have been. In all the time I have been on Facebook, over 7 years now, I have never unfriended anyone.

But everything I believe and have worked for, Animal Rights, an end to animal suffering, political radicalism, animal liberation, freedom of conscience, is repudiated and rejected by people who support Hillary.

Everything the animal movement has worked for for decades is undermined by Hillary and her support for animal slaughter.

Everything I believe in is dismissed by…

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