Animal Activists are Paralyzed by Pacifism and Fear of Law

Armory of the Revolution

fearThis may be the most accurate condemnation of the animal movement I have ever read. It was written by Geoff Bates, a subscriber to the Armory blog.

Geoff frequently makes salient observations and profound comments. This one hit very close to home. And it deserves to be shared and contemplated.

The animal movement needs more guts, more vigilantism, more direct action, and more like Geoff Bates.

“Nothing more graphically illustrates the pathetic weakness of the animal rights movement than the fact that malignancies like Walter Palmer are back seemingly to life-as-usual, casually riding around Minneapolis in his (bullet-hole free!) Porsche. That’s when he’s not staying at his (unburned!) country estate in northern Minnesota or his (still standing!) winter home in Florida.

Meanwhile, Safari Club International attracts thousands to its annual convention in a (sarin and anthrax free!) hotel in Las Vegas.

Trophy hunters, the most glaring, egregious animal abusers on…

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