If a War Criminal has a Uterus, are War Crimes OK?

Armory of the Revolution

hillary war crimesBecause of her gender, Hillary is getting a pass. Many intelligent, progressive women and feminists are all too willing to overlook Hillary’s positions and her record. Some are merely caught up in the euphoria of breaking the ultimate glass ceiling. Some are purposely ignoring disturbing positions she holds. And many just don’t care what she says or did.

Were Hillary an elderly white male, she would be indistinguishable from most of the Republican party. She is actually much closer to traditional Republicans than is Donald Trump. Trump is a populist who has campaigned against the Republican establishment, Wall Street, the Iraq war and trade agreements.

Hillary is remarkably to the right of almost every candidate who sought the Republican nomination. Her foreign policies are identical to those of Henry Kissinger, she holds similar views to Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld on the use of military intervention. Her trade policies are…

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