Donald or Jill, Never Hill!

Armory of the Revolution

Hillary2The media reports that one in four Sanders supporters will not vote for Hillary in November if she is the Democratic nominee. I have no idea whom they are polling, as I do not know a single Bernie supporter who will back Hillary.

I’m sure there are plenty, and those I know may well be atypical. But most want to write-in Bernie if he is not the Democratic nominee. Others want to vote for Jill Stein of the Greens, who has a platform not very dissimilar from Bernie’s.

A significant number wish to deny Hillary the presidency if she is nominated, and plan on voting for Donald Trump.

Personally, I am in the latter category.

Voting for Trump is only helpful in those states where he might be able to defeat Hillary, so called “battleground” or purple states. Purple states include Florida, Ohio, Colorado, New Hampshire, Virginia, Nevada. Depending on…

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