Universal Healthcare and Universal Veterinary Care

Armory of the Revolution

universal healthcareHuman rights is a widely acknowledged ideal and is embraced by most governments in theory, if not in fact. It has taken centuries for human rights to be placed at the forefront of civilized societies, a struggle which ended empires, the rights of kings, the church, and despots of every description.

Animal rights is a similar concept, although far from acknowledged by most people, let alone governments. Animal Rights is the notion that animals should have the same rights to be free of enslavement, torture, and murder that we as humans declare for ourselves and each other.

Most progressives and people of conscience subscribe to the concept that healthcare is a human right, just as are food, water, and shelter.

There are poseurs who call themselves progressive who would deny healthcare as a right, and support instead the insurance industry and healthcare providers who profit on people’s misery. Hillary Clinton…

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