Hillary is the Animals’ Worst Nightmare

Armory of the Revolution

billionsHillary may pay lip service to animals and put up a lame animal welfare page on her website, but she is the animals’ worst nightmare. Worse than Donald Trump, and he does not give a shit about animals.

Hillary is the animals worst nightmare because she supports policies which kill hundreds of millions of animals every year. Hundreds of millions!

Hillary has lots of issues more important to her than animals, almost all of them money. She is paid off by multinational corporations, Big Oil, Big Ag, Big Pharma, and the Big Banks to support trade agreements, which mean billions in profits to her donors. Her donors are more important to her than the animals they kill

How anyone who cares about animals could support Hillary is a mystery to me. Unless, of course, they also have issues more important to them than animals. Most people do have things they…

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