The Absurdity of Modern Civilization

Armory of the Revolution

smoke-and-mirrors-header2Banners and boundaries divide the world. It is an untenable and ridiculous concept that people can own and partition a planet.

Borders are not real. They are contrived by people who wish to exclude or include others. Only people on one side or another of some imaginary line have certain rights? Can vote? Can cross?

That we can trace historical events that have brought us to this is of no importance. History shows that every piece of real estate in the world was stolen, that every government is the product of violence and murder, that the entirety of human civilization is built on a history of conquest, war, genocide, and slavery.

We modern, enlightened, people reject the obscenities of the past, we distance ourselves from ancient crimes, we espouse equality and fraternity, we believe in human rights and fairness.

Yet we base our societies, governments, and economies on crimes of…

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