“Too Much Democracy” Threatens the Establishment

Armory of the Revolution

democracyOriginally published in Rolling Stone, this brilliant article by Matt Taibbi discusses the Establishment’s call to limit democracy in the wake of Trump, Brexit, and Bernie Sanders.

Pandering to fear, apologists for the oligarchy are embracing elitist totalitarianism as an antidote to a political revolt against the system and its leaders.

In Response to Trump, Another Dangerous Movement Appears

By Matt Taibbi, Rolling Stone

02 July 16

Fears of demagoguery are provoking a frightening swing in the other direction

The “too much democracy” train rolls on.

Last week’s Brexit vote prompted pundits and social media mavens to wonder aloud if allowing dumb people to vote is a good thing.

Now, the cover story in TheAtlantic magazine features the most aggressive offering yet in an alarming series of intellectual-class jeremiads against the dangers of democracy.

In “How American Politics Went Insane,” Brookings Institute Fellow Jonathan Rauch spends many…

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