George Wallace: Mentor, Father Figure, Friend

Armory of the Revolution


Before my readers lose their minds, please know that I disagreed with George Wallace on most issues. He would have apoplexy were he alive today and knew I am a socialist revolutionary.

I knew and worked for George Wallace for eight years, from 1968 until 1976.

I was a civil rights activist and an anti-war activist while I came to know and respect Wallace. We became as close as father and son. I loved the man, if not his policies.

Originally, my thinking was that if Robert Kennedy could learn politics at the feet of Joseph McCarthy, I could similarly learn at the feet of George Wallace.

Wallace was an admirer of Huey Long, as am I. In another time and place Wallace would have been Huey Long. Wallace harbored progressive views which he was more than willing to trade away for political advantage. He frequently spoke of being “out-niggered”…

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