Revolution may be Closer than We Think

Armory of the Revolution

your face hereIn 1975, the modern animal movement was born with the publication of Peter Singer’s Animal Liberation. Since then, the Animal Holocaust has more than doubled in size. By any measure, the Animal Holocaust will continue to grow.

All of the animals saved by animal activists and vegans in the last 50 years are fewer than will be murdered on slaughterhouse floors in the next work shift.

Only governments could ban animal murder and enforce its prohibition. Capitalist governments will never do so. To end the horrors will require violent social revolution.

All of history demonstrates that oppression is never ended by appealing to the compassion of the oppressors. Power is never surrendered, it must be wrested away from those who hold it.

Animals have no power, no ability to fight for their freedoms. It will fall to those of us who champion them, and our task of winning those freedoms…

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