Our Only Hope to Stop TPP is House Republicans

Armory of the Revolution

stop tpp 1Obama is planning on pushing the TPP through Congress right after the November elections. If Hillary is elected, she would not be blamed for the TPP being ratified, if Trump is elected, he would not be able to stop it from being ratified.

As we just witnessed, Hillary’s appointees to the Democratic platform committee rejected opposition to the TPP as a part of the Democratic platform. A very curious move considering that both Democratic presidential candidates, Hillary and Bernie, say they oppose the TPP. Bernie’s appointees tried to include opposition to the TPP as a central plank in the party platform, but Hillary’s appointees voted to support the TPP. WTF?

What’s going on?

The only logical conclusion to be drawn is that Hillary Clinton plans on embracing the TPP if she is elected. And the fact that her appointees on the platform committee voted as they did proves that they…

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