American Foreign Policy is Empire

Armory of the Revolution

dick cheney in a pant suit

The US has the greatest military presence on Earth. We have the most warships, the most submarines, the most bombers, the most fighters, the most missiles, the most nuclear warheads, the most weapons.

And the most military bases in the world.

The US has almost 1,000 military bases in 150 countries around the globe.

We are not the world’s greatest super power, we are the world’s only super power.

But we are much more than that.

We are an empire.

We have organized military alliances with most countries in the world. We sell weapons and munitions, ships, planes, and armaments to all of our allies.

And the military-industrial complex which owns the US government profits from every bomb and bullet.

Our foreign policy transcends Republican and Democratic administrations.

Our foreign policy of constant military belligerence is a requirement of the US economy.

The economy of the United States of America…

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