Brexit, Globalization, and Political Revolution

Armory of the Revolution

globalsimGlobalization is the New World Order being promoted by the political establishments in capitalist countries around the world.

It envisages a world in which multinational corporations are beyond the control of governments, are free to exploit people and natural resources without regulation or taxation.

It is the religion of the elite and the status quo, of the plutocrats and the oligarchs. Of the Republicans and the Democrats, Conservatives and Labour, of the ruling classes, of the 1%.

As Mike Whitney observed in Counterpunch:

British voters delivered a savage deathblow to the EU corporate superstate on Thursday sending global markets tumbling and forcing Prime Minister David Cameron to announce his resignation. The narrow victory, which caught the prognosticators by surprise, is the strongest sign yet that working people across the continent are awakening to economic and political disaster that has been created in the name of European integration. Not…

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