Will the Democratic Convention be 1968, All Over Again?

Armory of the Revolution

democratic convention 1968Like many in the anti-war movement in 1968, I had little confidence in the Democratic party. I believed that the Democratic party was going to shove Hubert Humphrey down our throats. I was right.

As vice president under Lyndon Jonhnson, Humphrey was complicit in the murders of hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese civilians and 50,000 Americans.

Clinton’s war crimes dwarf those of Humphrey. She is directly complicit in the murders of over a million people in the Middle East.

War is profitable. Planes, ships, bombs, munitions, missiles, uniforms, trucks, Humvees, etc are all paid for by the American taxpayers. Profits flow into the coffers of the military-industrial complex.

They in turn bribe politicians to stay in wars or to start new ones.

Hillary is their poster child. She has never seen a war she didn’t like or a military budget she didn’t support.

Hillary’s foreign policies are the same as…

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