Law is the Enemy of Animals

Armory of the Revolution

law memeIf there is one overriding cause for animal abuse, exploitation, cruelty, and death it is our legal system.

Under English Common Law, which is followed in almost every English speaking country, and under the Napoleonic Code, which is the basis of law in Civil Law jurisdictions, animals are considered to be personal property.

Our task is either to change the law or to change the system.

Changing the law will likely be even more difficult than it would be to overthrow the system. Property rights are almost sacred under capitalism, and ownership of animals is so accepted and ingrained in the law and in society that only revolution could forcibly end the concept.

Banning animal ownership would end the exploitation and killing industries. People would still have companion animals, but their legal status would be conservatorships, which would prevent people acting against the interests of the animals, just as guardians…

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