Why Wayne Pacelle is Mostly Right and Most of His Critics are Mostly Wrong

Armory of the Revolution

WAYNEPACELLEHUMANEECONOMY01-1024x960We can all agree that there is no such thing as humane slaughter.

Slaughter is cruel by definition. It is taking the life of an animal who wants to live. It is terrifying, painful, and brutal.

And it happens to over a billion animals each week.

A billion is a number beyond most people’s comprehension.

A billion seconds ago is 32 years ago. Reagan was running for re-election.

A billion minutes ago, Jesus was preaching in Galilee.

A billion hours ago is 115,000 years ago. Humans were still living in caves.

A billion days ago the dinosaurs had not yet appeared on Earth.

A billion weeks ago life first emerged from the seas onto land.

A billion months ago the first complex life forms populated the primordial oceans.

A billion years ago life first formed on Earth.

A billion slaughtered animals ago was last week.

While slaughter is incredibly cruel…

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  1. Wrong from a socialist perspective. In a capitalist system the goal is the most cost effective slaughter for the greatest profit. At best, outside of some bandaids and over inflated Public Relations about such, nothing will change about slaughter in a capitalist system. Humane Meat simply becomes a tool for that PR.

    In fact any look at the economics of slaughter and population growth would clearly show that Humane Meat is unsustainable in a capitalist system. Land use costs skyrocket for example. Accelerated conversion of land for grazing has negative economic implications, let along environmental which has an economic cost.

    While converting the world to veganism may be more difficult than a socialist revolution, supporting Humane Meat feeds into the PR that dissuades those on the edge of making such change. Hence, why the value of the Humane Meat PR at all.

    If you believe that Human Meat will win over a change in production (slaughter) I don’t think you understand fundamentally why capitalism is relentlessly (RELENTLESSLY!) destructive.

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