The Case for Progressives to Vote for Trump over Hillary

Armory of the Revolution

donald-trump progressivesShould Bernie not be the Democratic nominee, there are several courses of action open to Bernie supporters who reject Hillary Clinton.

There are those who advocate staying home, those for supporting Jill Stein of the Greens, and those who will vote for Donald Trump. And some will abandon the revolution and vote for Hillary Clinton.

This article is directed to those who plan on voting for Hillary.

We have worked together for a year supporting Bernie. Our goal of a political revolution is the same. We all wish Bernie to be president, we all believe in the same goals of wresting the government away from the oligarchs who own it, the political hacks who are bought and paid for by Wall Street, and the lobbyists who write the laws, pay the bribes, and control the Democratic party.

Please read carefully the following analysis. Apply critical thinking as you digest the…

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