Trump, Trade, and 2020

Armory of the Revolution

naftaA brilliant and prescient prediction about NAFTA by a cartoonist in 1991

Trade agreements costing US jobs is the result of US corporations using near slave labor in third world countries. The average factory worker in Viet Nam, for example, earns 55 cents per hour. To his credit, Trump has threatened to abrogate all our trade agreements, which is a primary reason that the political establishment is terrified of Trump. They do not own him, have no hooks into him, and cannot control him.

Trump is way more intelligent than he is given credit for being. He communicates in monosyllables to his incredibly unsophisticated base. He makes things simplistic on purpose. People are pissed at China and don’t like the fact that trade agreements have cost 5 million US jobs, so he beats up on China while trying to torpedo the TPP.

For me, his anti trade agreement positions alone…

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