This is Not Politics as Usual Because this is Not Politics. This is Political Revolution.

Armory of the Revolution

American RevolutionThis is a revolution, not a garden party. We are not obligated to bow and scrape to the enemy just because she has more bamboozled people than we have revolutionaries.

Revolutions are NEVER won by a majority. Revolutions are waged and won by a handful of dedicated revolutionaries here and there.

And just as the French aristocracy never saw it coming, the oligarchs in America are equally clueless.

It is almost comical to see Hillary and her cohorts posture and primp, expecting, even demanding, that we Berners should support her.

What part of “you are the enemy” does Hillary not understand?

Hillary Clinton is the poster child of everything that is wrong with the country. With all Bernie has been campaigning against.

This is not politics as usual.

This is not politics.

This is political revolution.

Which means we do not fall inline like good little boys and girls and…

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