Obama Has Been Reagan.. With a Dark Tan

Armory of the Revolution


There are parallels to be seen between Barack Obama as the first African American president, and Hillary Clinton, who aspires to be the first female president.

Blacks are understandably proud that Obama was elected. So proud, in fact, that they are not particularly critical of his record. Most blacks do not scrutinize Obama’s actual policies and performance, and are content to look no further than Obama’s pigmentation.

A critical look at Obama reveals a president that did little for black Americans, aside from naming a few Wall Street blacks to positions in his administration.

Democrats who supported Barack Obama against Hillary Clinton in 2008 expected the change that Obama promised. We expected a progressive administration, a liberal agenda, major changes to the status quo. What we got was the status quo.

Obama reduced our presence in Iraq, but continued war in Afghanistan. He bailed out Wall Street with taxpayers’ money…

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