Christian Right or Islamic Right? Can You Tell Them Apart?

Armory of the Revolution


There is precious little difference between the Christian Right and the Islamic Right.

The only difference I have been able to identify is that Christians believe that Jesus ascended into Heaven on His own, while Muslims believe that Mohammad ascended into Heaven riding a flying horse.

Aside from that, the Christian Right and the Islamic Right seem to be on the same page.

Both oppose abortion.

Both believe the husband is the master of the family.

Both believe their religious books (the Bible and the Qu’ran) are the Word of God.

Both believe being gay is a sin.

Both believe their holy books’ admonitions to kill gays.

Both believe the government should operate under their God’s law.

Both believe in theocracy.

Both believe that they are serving their God.

Both believe that they should be able to impose their religions upon others.

Both are scary as Hell!

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