Nina Turner has Eclipsed Elizabeth Warren with Progressives

Armory of the Revolution


Progressives are outraged that Elizabeth Warren has thrown in with the whore.

Many of us wanted her to challenge Hillary for the Democratic nomination. We engaged in a fierce campaign to convince her to run. She declined.

We turned our attention and allegiance to Bernie Sanders. He had the courage and the vision to take on the Democratic establishment. He advocated for everything progressives value: economic justice, social justice, universal healthcare, peace, education, public campaign financing, federal jobs programs, rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure.

As Bernie struggled against the Wall Street hacks and conservative Democrats who control the party, we awaited Elizabeth Warren to join us. We believed she would place principal over politics. We believed that if she believed what she maintained she believed, she would join Bernie in the fight for economic and social justice. For the environment. For universal healthcare. For reforming Wall Street and our broken campaign…

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