Animal Activists, Did You Know Hillary Brags About Hunting?

Armory of the Revolution


My news feed constantly contains memes from animal activists decrying the fact that Donald Trump’s sons, Donald Jr and Eric, are notorious big game hunters. This fact alone is apparently supposed to rally opposition to Trump and in favor of Hillary Clinton.

Trump’s sons are serial killers. A perfectly accurate and reasonable description of one who kills for some perverted joy in it, and then collects grisly trophies of their kills in an equally perverted need to constantly relive the murders.

Despicable as his sons are, Trump himself does not hunt, and never has. Unlike, for example, Hillary Clinton, who does hunt.

And brags about it.

Hillary is responsible for killing more than just a few animals while hunting. She is responsible for the killings of hundreds of millions of animals every year caused by the trade agreements she supports. Trade agreements encourage and reward the most barbaric animal agriculture…

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