Hillary Will Fight Climate Change? Bullshit!

Armory of the Revolution

Polar bear walking on pack ice with water pond Polar bear walking on pack ice with water pond

Donald Trump does not believe climate change is real.

Hillary Clinton knows it is real but won’t do a damn thing about it.

Hillary talks a good game about climate change in hopes of beating Trump in November.

But she will do no more to stop it than will Trump.

It really is very simple.

Even though Hillary Clinton says she is in favor of policies that will slow or reverse global warming, her record and her list of donors say differently.

Clinton supports fracking, an environmentally destructive process for removing natural gas from underground shale deposits that poisons drinking water and can cause earthquakes.

Clinton takes millions from Big Oil and Gas. She also supports so called “clean” coal.

But the biggest cause of global warming and climate change of all is animal agriculture.

Animal agriculture causes more greenhouse gas…

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