All the Bad Stuff they say will Happen under Trump is already Happening

Armory of the Revolution

arrow hillaryFor all practical purposes the political establishment IS the Clinton campaign. All other branches of the establishment have been vanquished by Donald Trump.

Charles Koch, one of the leading advocates of dismantling safety nets, environmental laws, labor unions, is also one of the most prominent establishment figures in the country.

Koch wants to mine, drill, log, hunt, on federal lands and in National Parks. He wants to abolish the EPA, the Department of Education, the Post Office. And his support of Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump signaled the establishment to line up behind her.

The Bushes, Romney, the Republican Super Pacs, Paul Ryan, et al, are now in the Clinton camp, even if they do not admit it publicly.

There is no more Republican establishment. There are still political hacks and incumbent Republican Senators, Members of the House, etc., but they are the political walking dead.

Donald Trump is the…

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