Liberals Mindlessly Buying Establishment Bullshit

Armory of the Revolution

thought police

As a liberal, I am embarrassed at how stupid many of my fellow liberals can be. We mock rednecks and right wingnuts for their lack of critical thinking, but many of us are actually even more guilty of leaving our minds with the hat check girl if someone yells “racist” or some equally politically correct epithet.

In fact, we liberals have become programmed to value political correctness over all things. We find it much more reprehensible that Trump says politically incorrect things about Muslims, for example, than that Hillary has actually killed Muslims.

We find politically incorrect rhetoric more damning than crimes against humanity.

We accept the most outrageous allegations against our political opponents if they are couched in our understanding of what is politically incorrect and might be offensive to some group or constituency, without employing even basic critical analysis.

Such a realization should give any intelligent person pause…

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