Even Hillary Supporters Have a Compelling Reason to See Her Defeated

Armory of the Revolution


It is not often that one can make a compelling case for another to wish their candidate lose. But in the case of Hillary supporters and Hillary Clinton, it is an easy task.

Far from being the ideal candidate for president, Hillary presents the Democratic party with the choice of immediate political gratification or long term political gains. Politicians invested in Hillary are reluctant to admit they might have been wrong. All their political instincts scream that Hillary is a problem, yet they don’t want to risk her wrath if she is the nominee and eventual president.

For progressives there are two compelling reasons to elect Donald Trump. And one of them should be important to all Democrats, including those who support Hillary.

The House of Representatives is in Republican hands. It has been since 2010, when Republicans won enough statehouses and legislative chambers across the county to control reapportionment…

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