Political Pundits Still Have No Clue. But they Still keep Talking.

Armory of the Revolution

The-Talking-HeadsThe over-paid, over-appreciated, under-achieving, and by and large clueless political analysts are filling the airwaves with the re-hashed drivel they have been spewing for over a year.

Not one of the supposed political experts saw Bernie or Trump coming.

Trump was dismissed as a joke, Bernie as an unelectable socialist.

The media talking heads ignored Bernie, ridiculed and disparaged Trump.

Having had monumentally misread the voters in the primaries, the same political geniuses are now weighing in on the likely match-up between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

We are besieged nightly with computer graphics, pie charts, polls and electoral maps all being read to predict the downfall of Donald Trump. While acknowledging that Hillary Clinton has abysmal favorability ratings, we are quickly told that Trump’s are worse, and are reminded that he is upside down with major constituencies such as women, African Americans, Hispanics, etc.

But none of that analysis…

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