It’s the Electoral College, Stupid!

Armory of the Revolution


Counterpunch recently published an article by Dave Lindorff The Push To Make Sanders The Green Party Candidate.

The enthusiasm for Bernie Sanders is phenomenal. His meteoric rise in popularity and influence is astounding. From being an asterisk in early polling, Sanders has now eclipsed Hillary Clinton in popular support in every major opinion poll.

Sanders has effectively fought the entrenched establishment candidate and her allies to a virtual tie. There remains a path to victory, albeit extremely narrow and unlikely.

Sanders has from the outset promised he would support the Democratic nominee. Many of his supporters, caught up in the euphoria of backing a candidate they love and admire, are urging Bernie to run as a write-in candidate, an independent, or on a third party ticket, rather than support Hillary and remain a Democrat.

Lindorff’s is another voice in that choir. A choir, unfortunately, without a clue.

His article is…

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