Down-Ballot Democrats: Support Hillary and We Vote Against You in November

Armory of the Revolution

super delegates

Make no mistake, I am in it with Bernie to win it. Should Bernie become the nominee, it is almost certain that he will become the 45th president of the United States.

Many of my posts address the course of action we Berners should take if Hillary is nominated, which is a very real possibility. My reasoning is twofold. We should have plans in place if needed, and it is helpful if Hillary trolls are reporting our resolve not to support her.

While the Hillary camp is unimpressed with talk of write-in votes for Bernie, Berners voting Green or staying home, they terrified of the possibility that Bernie supporters are so pissed off that they will vote for Trump over Hillary.

The Hillary machine is basing their calculations on the 2008 primaries. Obama led Hillary going into the convention, and Hillary folded. She expects Bernie to do the same…

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