Animal Liberation: Violence or Non-violence? Revolution or Rhetoric?

Armory of the Revolution

approach to animal liberation

This excellent piece was originally posted as a comment to the Armory article John Sanbonmatsu Attacks Roland Vincent. It deserves to be read and shared by every animal activist, everywhere.

by Marcia Mueller

According to Dr. Sanbonmatsu, it seems Mr. Vincent is too radical and Mr. Pacelle is not radical enough.
When it comes to the issue of animal cruelty, Dr. Sanbonmatsu does “get it.“ In the introduction to the book he edited, Critical Theory and Animal Liberation, he gives a catalog of horrendous examples of abuse: There is the picture of the young boys, complete with adult audience, who are beating foxes to death with a baseball bat. One fox, “crouched, tongue lolling, exhausted almost to the point of death, gazes vacantly, a look of hopelessness or resignation visible on his pinched face.” He notes the unwanted animals in Puerto Rico thrown from bridges, run over by vehicles…

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