Politicians Don’t Get More Establishment than Hillary Clinton

Armory of the Revolution


Not a good thing to be in a year in which the establishment is the target of voters’ wrath.

If there were ever a year in which the people were more anti-establishment than they are in 2016, it would have to have been at the founding of the Republic. Not since 1776 has there been such a wholesale rejection by the people of politics, politicians, the status quo, and those in power over them.

The penultimate outsider has locked up the Republican nomination for president, having defeated a host of establishment candidates.

A septuagenarian socialist has fought the leadership of the Democratic party to a virtual draw.

The anointed crown princess of the Wall Street banks and the corporatist establishment is within a month of being guaranteed the Democratic nomination. Despite the direct support of her cronies in the DNC, the entire Democratic party leadership lined up behind her, a…

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