Hillary’s Praise of Kissinger Means War Crimes Would Continue

Armory of the Revolution


by Pete Simon

For Hillary supporters, things seemed to have gotten a bit breezy this past week. A friend with a Bernie bumper sticker received a serious dose of road rage yesterday. She feared for her life. She went home and wrote about it on Facebook, wondering why and how we have gotten to this point in our culture.

This was also the week that the President sent kudos the way of Henry Kissinger. That became a “road rage” moment for me. For 45 years, I have been consistent in my dislike and ongoing critique of him, and to say I am disappointed in a President I genuinely like, and to Hillary for praising Kissinger, is an understatement. I come by this sentiment honestly, having witnessed one of the more covert aspects of American foreign policy of the last century, during the Kissinger years while serving in the Navy. The…

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