Trump Can Change His TV Persona, But Hillary Cannot Change Her Character

Armory of the Revolution

hillary iraq cartoon

As the primary season draws to a close, much speculation is being bandied about concerning the prospects of the current front runners should they meet in the general election.

Both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have disapproval ratings unlike any measured in the history of presidential politics.

Pundits predict that Hillary will defeat Trump based on her negatives being less than Trump’s, and that the deep schism in the Republican party will yield disaffected Republicans flocking to the polls in her support.

It’s possible. But I think it much more likely that Donald Trump will clean Hillary’s clock.

Here’s why:

People outside of Trump supporters don’t like Trump. They think he is bombastic, insensitive, misogynistic and bigoted. Each of those concerns can be addressed and rectified by Trump softening his tone and explaining his positions. American voters need only see a softer, more empathetic Trump to give him the benefit…

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