Compared to Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump is a Saint

Armory of the Revolution


Curious that there is a litany of criticism by a choir of critics about the terrible things that will befall the country should Donald Trump be elected president.

Seems having said some unflattering things about certain women is more morally culpable than bombing civilians and murdering families.

Strange that political pundits and media talking heads focus on Trump’s tax returns rather than on Hillary’s war crimes.

Odd that fodder for discussion is establishment Republicans dissing Trump rather than discussing establishment crimes against workers, the environment, unarmed black people, children in Flint, Michigan.

But the most outrageous disconnect of all is that so many so-called liberals and progressives regularly attack Trump over his racist and xenophobic followers rather than focusing on Hillary’s murderous policies in the Middle East and Central America.

Liberals cite the number of Trump’s bankruptcies, but ignore the number of bodies of dead women and children killed in…

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