Why Bernie Shouldn’t Run as a Third Party Candidate in November

Armory of the Revolution

third party image

There are a number of minor parties in the country, many with lofty ambitions, almost all offering positions on public policy far preferable to those of the Republicans and Democrats. Jill Stein of the Greens and Clifton Roberts of the Humane party are comrades of mine. The Peace and Freedom party, the Progressive party, the Socialists, etc, are all wonderful ideas run by wonderful people. What they all have in common, besides enviable policy positions, is that they are all doomed to failure.

The American political system is anathema to third parties. Not one has ever succeeded at the national level. Even though headed by a former president of the US, the tremendously popular American hero Teddy Roosevelt, the Bull Moose (Progressive) party could not win against the Republicans and Democrats.

While it is possible that Bernie could make a credible showing in a three way race, it is highly…

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