What is at Stake in this Election is 2020 Reapportionment

Armory of the Revolution


Probably the least important consequence of this presidential campaign cycle is who ends up as president.

For the Democrats, the philosophical direction of the party is at issue. If Hillary is elected, progressives in the party will be thwarted for four or eight years. Bernie’s revolution will be stymied and obstructed by Hillary and her Wall Street Democrat cohorts if she assumes the presidency. If she is defeated, Bernie Sanders will become the most influential Democrat in the party, and he will continue to lead the progressives in challenging and replacing conservative Democrats at the national, state, and local levels. With Hillary’s defeat, the progressives can look forward to nominating Elizabeth Warrren, Alan Grayson, or another member of the Democratic wing of the Democratic party.

Another consequence of this election cycle has been ignored by politicians and pundits alike. It is a consequence the Hillary team does not wish explored.

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