Dear Superdelegates: It’s Bernie or Bust the Democratic Party

Armory of the Revolution


This election cycle is unlike any in modern history. There exists a chasm in the party that cannot be bridged by invoking the specter of a Republican winning unless we unite.

This year affords liberals and progressives the first opportunity in 50 years to nominate a candidate who truly represents their interests and beliefs. And a great many value that prospect much more than they care about the Democratic party capturing the presidency or retaking the Senate.

Hard as it may be to accept, many Bernie Sanders voters are unmoved by the argument that Trump will win if they do not support Hillary. Not only do they not care if he does, many will support Trump to deny Hillary the White House.

What should be of even more concern to elected Democratic officials, is that there is a growing movement to vote against Democrats who endorsed Hillary over Bernie in…

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