Hillary “Under Sniper Fire” Clinton

Armory of the Revolution

sniperThere is no shortage of instances in which Hilary Clinton “misspoke” (Bill-and-Hillaryspeak for lied), but none as preposterous as her legendary assertion that she and her daughter Chelsea landed in Bosnia “under sniper fire.”

The sheer gall of her continued representation that she did, despite video proof that she did not, is emblematic of her career and the sense of privilege she believes is her entitlement.

The video below explores Hillary’s fabricated story, repeated frequently, and opens with Bill dismissing critics’ discussions of the incident.

Hillary has never met a formidable Republican opponent in a general election campaign. If she and her Wall Street Democrat cohorts and superdelegates are able to deny the nomination to Bernie Sanders, Hillary will come face to face with Donald Trump.

Trump’s ability to savage his rivals was amply demonstrated in the primaries. His guerilla war style of campaigning is particularly effective in destroying opponents…

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