Border Walls, Wildlife, and Illegal Immigration

Armory of the Revolution

wildlife trafficking1

Obviously the border is a big deal in this election. Trump promises a HUGE wall, while the Democrats brand all his followers as racists. Apparently the idea that many people merely want legal immigration is too much of a nuance in this brawl of an election cycle, and The Donald doesn’t acknowledge that a 15-foot wall will result in 17-foot ladders and more tunnels.

What is missing in this human-centered focus on the border and on walls are the animals—the ones we usually neglect to consider.

So here is a main reason the wall should not be built: It blocks the wildlife corridor between the U.S. and Mexico and Central America. Two prominent wildlife organizations, the Wildlands Project and Defenders of Wildlife, warn that any solid barrier will block corridors needed by many species (some listed as endangered), and animals identified include jaguars, bears, and wolves, along with multiple species…

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