Armory of the Revolution

trump presumptive nominee

So, what just happened?

Since Donald Trump announced his candidacy last year, the political pundits and media talking heads have gotten everything wrong in their analyses. Each week would be Trump’s last. Each controversial comment was to doom his campaign. Each debate performance was dissected and each stump speech criticized.

Not one political pundit gave Trump a snowball’s chance in Hell of being in the race through Christmas, let alone until the Iowa caucuses.

After winning the New Hampshire primary, his downfall was pontificated upon daily. Establishment candidates were lauded, Trump denigrated, on a regular basis. As the field grew smaller, time was considered the to be on the side of those battling Trump, that he and his appeal would collapse in the next news cycle.

Fast forward to Indiana. Trump has cleared the field. He is the presumptive nominee.

The political talking heads are at it still. Now the…

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