How to Create a Terrorist

Armory of the Revolution

terrorist and child

Most Americans, and Europeans, too for that matter, are in shock and disbelief at the level of animus directed at them by radical Muslim jihadists.

While some attempt to explain the conflict as rooted in the Crusades, there are many much more current complaints that have helped set the stage for Muslim outrage.

Oil has been the primary interest the West has had in the Middle East. Securing that oil justified supporting or removing dictators, shoring up oligarchs, supplying weapons to tyrants, embracing despots, and generously bribing oppressive governments.

It is, and always has been, in the interests of the US military-industrial complex, to see foment and unrest prevail over stability. Governments purchase arms and munitions, the US government in particular. Foreign aid is lavished on cooperative foreign governments and weapons sold to anyone.

Radical Islamic terrorism is a profit center for arms and munitions manufacturers, dealers, and exporters. It…

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