How Trump Helps Bernie’s Revolution

Armory of the Revolution


Leaving Wall Street Democrats in charge of the Democratic party is a much more dangerous course of action than throwing them out. The number one establishment talking point is that we must keep the conservative Democrats in office to keep the conservative Republicans out of office. That line of propaganda is wearing thin.

There are three reasons to vote for Trump over Hillary:

Trump is closer to Bernie than is Hillary on trade, military interventionism, foreign policy, corporate ownership of Congress, lobbyists, and the revolving door between industry and the executive branch.

With the defeat of Hillary, Bernie will be the most prominent and influential Democrat in the party. He will be able to continue his political revolution without opposition and obstruction from Hillary and her cohorts.

If Hillary is elected, Democrats will be shut out in reapportionment after the 2020 Census, assuring Republican control of the House for another…

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