What Kind of Feminist Would Bomb Women? Or Deny Them Healthcare?

Armory of the Revolution

Hillary portrays herself as a champion of women. A feminist. A defender of women’s rights.

It is all a political charade. A persona concocted to win votes. Nothing more.

Her concern for women ends if they are poor, live in a country Hillary wishes to bomb, or who live in a nation where Hillary wants regime change.

Hillary professes to support women’s reproductive healthcare, but draws the line at the ten million American women who cannot afford it. She opposes healthcare for them unless they buy it. She opposes healthcare as a right that should be available without cost to every American.

Once upon a time, Hillary did support universal healthcare. Then the most curious thing happened. It started raining money from the insurance insurance and pharmaceutical industries, from the healthcare lobby, from bagmen for medical device manufacturers. Voila! Hillary now opposes universal healthcare.

Tens of thousands of women have…

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