Charles Koch: ‘It’s possible’ Clinton would be better president than a Republican

Armory of the Revolution

In this February 26, 2007 file photograph, Charles Koch, head of Koch Industries, talks passionately about his new book on Market Based Management. (Bo Rader/Wichita Eagle/MCT via Getty Images)

Progressive critics of Hillary Clinton have long maintained that she is, for all intents and purposes, a Republican.

Hillary’s positions on trade, on foreign policy, on military adventurism, on Wall

Street, on industry insiders being appointed to positions of oversight in her administration, are all indistinguishable from those of George W Bush.

Hillary stalwarts and apologists ignore the similarities she shares with most Republican leaders as she a defends herself against a substantial challenge from Bernie Sanders.

Hillary and her handlers are attempting to focus the attention of the media and the electorate on Donald Trump and argue that Sanders voters must join with her to avoid the possibility of Trump becoming president.

On close examination, the argument holds no weight at all, as Trump is more progressive than is Hillary on many, if not most, issues.

The political establishment is terrified of Trump. They have no hold over him…

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  1. So many analysts, so many different views which when you think about it, there is not ONE politician who LISTENS to the people, who, if allowed their ideas to be heard (some of them) would do a better job than those in office!! The people are not interested in the power and greed which seems to be instilled in each politician!!! And I would like somebody to define clearly the differences in both parties besides their plans on how to achieve their goals!! Trump speaks for JOE PUBLIC because that’s what he is and KNOWS exactly what the people want!! Trump mentioned securing our borders and the others got on the band wagon about that issue, equality for men, women and transgenders!! The scare they put in people about the public toilets, easy fix, they go to the appropriate bathroom!!! THEY ARE NOT PEDOPHILES, RAPISTS, CHILD MOLESTERS, but people who live a much happier and productive life being who they feel more comfortable as!! And CITIZEN TRUMP SEES THIS!!

    I bet if ANY of the politicians had a hidden microphone, and just answered questions the way they actually felt, we would hear much different views than when under scrutiny of the media!!!

    I am afraid Clinton and Sanders are players, no longer able to see black and white, but how to win their party’s nomination, no matter what it costs, Kasich and Trump would work well together (just my humble opinion) not that it counts for anything, as in the long run, unless we abolish the electoral college NO VOTING PERSONS VOTE COUNTS!!

    The grooming of Trump to be more Presidential is good to a point, but to change his IDEAS would destroy what the man stands for!!!!

    If both sides could sit down and exchange ideas cicilly, I believe they would find their goals are the same and COMPROMISE is necessary, and Trump has already stated he wants to bring the Republican party together is a good thin, but again, THE BOUGHT POLITICIANS CAN’T SEE THE FORREST FOR THE TREES!!

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