Meat Eaters and Pedophiles. Kindred Spirits

Armory of the Revolution


It is difficult to make practical or a moral distinction between someone who satisfies their sexual appetite at the expense of an innocent child and someone who satisfies their dietary appetite at the expense of an innocent animal.

Indeed, a rational case can be made that the meat eater is the more cruel and callous of the two, as his victim is murdered so he may satisfy his appetite.

The outrage such a comparison evokes from meat eaters is as predictable as their victims are dead.

Were I able to choose a world of meat eaters or a world of pedophiles, I would infinitely prefer the latter. Such a world would be infinitely kinder than the one in which we live.

Meat eaters are only able to continue their barbarity because of human societal norms and man made laws.

An alien observing human society would no doubt be as horrified…

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