End Animal Ownership, Not Animal Companionship

Armory of the Revolution

dog and girl

Central to the idea of Animal Rights is the notion that animals have as much right to live as do humans. It follows that animals have as much right to live free of enslavement, exploitation, and murder as do humans.

Most people who support Animal Rights have and love companion animals, dogs, cats, birds, etc, and react negatively to the idea of banning animal ownership.

I support the abolition of animal ownership. People have no more right to own an animal than they have to own a human. But it is unrealistic to think that companion animals would ever cease to be part of human society.

The very best we could hope for would be a change in legal status from animals becoming wards rather than property and pet owners becoming their conservators.

Conservatorships require that the conservators act in the best interests of their wards. It is the relationship…

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